The 9th Royan Institute International Summer School

The 9th Royan Institute International Summer School

Brain and Cognitive Sciences


  • Introduction to the Brain and Cognitive Sciences
  • Brain development / Brain organoids
  • Methods to Study the Brain in Action
    • fMRI, MEG, EEG, TMS,
  • The Brain in Health and Disease

The 9th Royan International Summer School will be held on July 14-18 2018. If you wish to participate, please kindly fill the attached Form and email it to ( till July 1, 2018 to the summer school secretariat.


Royan Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Technology (RI-SCBT) has recently expanded their neuroscience research by establishing the Brain and Cognitive Sciences Department with a focus on brain organoids, basic and clinical neuroscience, and brain imaging:

  • The brain organoid research is led by Prof Hossein Baharvand, head of the RI-SCBT, building in vitro and in vivo brain organoids to study brain development in health and disease.
  • The basic and clinical neuroscience research is formed by a diverse and collaborative team of faculty members: Prof. Javan, Dr. Shahpasand, Dr Kiani, Dr Satarian and Dr. Shahbazi. The team is currently conducting research on Parkinson’s Disease, Epilepsy, Alzheimer’s Disease, Spinal Cord Injury and Retinal damages.
  • The brain imaging part is led by Dr. Seyed Khaligh-Razavi, using the brain imaging facilities available at the national brain mapping lab (NBML), helping with both the clinical and the basic research towards understanding the human brain in health and disease.

This is the 9th summer school held at Royan institute, but the first one with a focus on brain and cognitive sciences.

The school is deliberately designed to cover a broad range of topics on brain sciences from the world leading researchers in the field so the audience can get the chance to taste different aspects of the rapidly growing, multidisciplinary field of brain and cognitive sciences. We hope this will help students to gain invaluable insights towards finding their area of interest for their future research in the field.

This year’s Scientific Chairman of the summer school is Dr. Seyed-Mahdi Khaligh-Razavi.

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