Prof. Hossein Baharvand received Mustafa Award

Professor Hossein Baharvand, Director of Royan Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Technology, has been selected as the recipient of prestigious Mustafa Award 2019. This Award is an honor given to distinguished Scientists from Islamic world. He has been acknowledged for his substantial contribution in development of Stem Cell Science in Iran and all over the world. He has established first embryonic stem cell lines from mouse and human in Iran and developed protocols for their differentiation into various cell types with the efforts of his team. Now these cells are available for research as well as clinical application.  In the prize ceremony which was held at Vahdat Hall on November 11, Professor Ugur Sahin from Turkey and Professor Ali Khademhosseini from Iran shared the Mustafa Prize in Life & Medical Science and Technology.Prof. Umran S. Inan from Turkey, Professor Hossein Baharvand and Dr. Mohammad Abdolahad from Iran shared the Mustafa Prize in scientists from Islamic countries category of the event.The Mustafa Prize is awarded in five categories of information and communication science and technology, life and medical science and technology, Nano-science and nanotechnology and all areas of science and technology.

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